In early August 2017, this little fawn was found and brought to us for rehabilitation. He was weak, dehydrated and had to be tube fed. He has been under our care and is now readily taking a bottle and getting stronger. He loves milk and apples! He still has a ways to go before he can be released. 

October 2017

We are finally weaning this little guy. He now stands at 26 inches at the shoulder and growing rapidly. He cries, loudly, for his bottle, but is definitely eating well on his own. Our GFM account is lacking funds to complete the enclosure for him, so he has not been transferred. Still needed is a concrete footing all around the perimeter, to keep predators from diggin under the fence, and plants and grass to cover the grounds. We need financial donations or materials. Outdoor plants that you no longer want will help. Grass seed, especially for winter grasses, that we can plant now will help get that bare ground covered.

November 2017

Habib Ayl, our Dear Deer, is finally weaned at age 4 mos. we brought in a dwarf goat, named Bella, to keep him company. He cried a lot, when left alone. Deer are herd animals and not loners. Goats have an amazing calming ability and it has worked. I wouldn't state that they love each other, but they do hang out. Our enclosure is still in need of many things. Please help.

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